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Conjugated Estrogens usually refers to the estrogen hormones estrone, equilin and equilenin, found in the female hormone therapy best-known by the brand name Premarin. Conjugated Estrogens represent some of the oldest hormone replacement therapies widely available to women, first marketed in 1942.

The estrogens are called conjugated because, in tablet form, the estrogens are attached to other chemicals. Once ingested, the estrogen molecules revert back to their unattached state. Conjugated Estrogens are also sometimes referred to as CEE, for Conjugated Equine Estrogens, or CES, for Conjugated Estrogens Synthetic.

Conjugated Estrogens & Hormone Therapy

There are several other products besides Premarin which contain Conjugated Estrogens--Prempro, Premphase and Prempac are a few brand names--but these products also contain an additional hormone, the progestin medroxyprogesterone acetate. Premarin contains only the Conjugated Estrogens, and as such is an estrogen-only medication.

The majority of women buy Conjugated Estrogens to treat post-menopausal symptoms, but the ideal combination of hormones depends on whether or not a woman's uterus is intact:

  • Women who do not have a uterus (i.e., have had a hysterectomy) are the best candidates for estrogen-only therapy.
  • Women who do have a uterus, regardless of menopause status, should take a progestin as well as an estrogen. Women who have a uterus who do not take a progestin are thought to be at greater risk of developing endometrial (uterine) cancer.

There are a couple options for including a progestin in hormone therapy:

  • Buy Conjugated Estrogens and progestins as two separate medications; or
  • Purchase both hormones in a combined product, such as those mentioned above.

While there are many estrogen/progestin combination products available in a variety of administration methods, including patches, sprays, vaginal rings and injections, it is only possible to buy Conjugated Estrogens as an estrogen-only treatment in two forms: tablets or vaginal cream. Creams address only localized symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, while tablets treat broader symptoms, such as hot flashes. Little of the estrogen in creams is absorbed into the bloodstream, so risk of side effects is very minimal.

Duration of treatment will vary widely between women, and may last anywhere from months to decades. Most doctors encourage the lowest possible dose for the shortest length of time.

Hormone Therapy Controversies

Some studies suggest that long-term use (5 years or longer) of estrogen, with or without progestin, may increase risk of developing breast cancer and blood clots, which can produce further complications and ultimately lead to stroke or heart attack.

Conversely, other studies suggest exactly the opposite--that women who take estrogen-only or estrogen/progestin are considerably less likely to experience heart attacks or heart failure, and are not at any increased risk of stroke or cancer.

Additionally, studies find conflicting results on other effects associated with estrogen therapy, showing either an increased or decreased risk of developing:

  • Colon cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Dementia
  • Memory loss

What most studies do agree on is that estrogen can be very beneficial in preventing osteoporosis. However, many regulatory authorities discourage use of estrogen solely for this purpose; it can be nearly impossible to get a prescription to buy Conjugated Estrogens as a preventive treatment for osteoporosis in some regions.

Starting hormone therapy is a personal decision in which the potential risks should be weighed against the benefits, taking into consideration individual circumstances. Women planning to buy Conjugated Estrogens, or any estrogen-replacement therapy, should discuss the issue with a trusted doctor before starting treatment.

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